Capcut vs Alight Motion (2023) – Which One is best for You?

There are many video editing tools available in the world today, which makes the competition very high. However, is there any quality remaining among them? How can one find a quality video editing app?

Let’s say we have found two of the most trendy apps, Capcut and Alight Motion, but how can we compare them to determine which one is more suitable for you? Let’s find out which app is the best for you by comparing Capcut vs Alight Motion.

What Are Both Alight Motion And Capcut

CapCut vs Alight Motion are both video editing apps, but there is a slight difference between them. Alight Motion is a video editor meant for design and animations. It offers a wide range of shapes, designs, and elements for editing videos.

CapCut is also a video editor developed by the parent company of TikTok. It has plenty of great editing options. Both editors come with a lot of editing tools. CapCut has many tools to edit pictures or videos, but Alight Motion contains some unique options as well. Let’s discuss both of them in detail.

Multiple Layer Graphics

Alight Motion

Alight Motion allows you to make both video and audio edits at the same time. It enables you to add multiple graphics layers to your videos to give them a professional look. There are many templates, vectors, and bitmaps that you can add while editing your project. This is a great option for editing on your Android mobile or PC.


Capcut is a simple and handy tool to edit your videos. It also enables you to add multiple layers to your video. You can remove your video’s background by using Capcut mod apk. Plus, you can blur your video’s background, crop it, or add captions automatically.

Keyframe Animation

Alight Motion

When creating an animated video, film, motion graphics, and effects, keyframes are necessary. Without using keyframes, we can’t make animated videos or projects. Fortunately, Alight Motion provides the facility to use keyframes in our projects. You can easily add keyframes in your video if you know how to do it. This is an amazing creativity that we can do in our free time.


In Capcut apk, you can add multiple keyframes in a video at a time very easily. You can combine multiple pictures or videos in a single frame by using keyframes. Plus, you can customize your videos to make them more unique by adding text with different fonts, stickers, and other effects.

You can move or shift your graphics or objects by using keyframes. This is a very helpful feature to create animation videos, and it is available in both Capcut and Alight Motion.

Visual Effects

Alight Motion

Alight Motion contains a lot of customizable features such as QR Codes, transition effects, and types faces. It also contains a foundational module to make your videos visually better. You can easily create aesthetic videos and pictures with the feature of color correcting. This is a very interesting and easy-to-use app for creating your top-quality videos.


Capcut comes with a wide range of customizable video effects such as dreamy, retro comic, split screen, and others. You can add multiple transitions at a time. The Capcut mod apk 2023 offers high-quality visual effects even if you combine different images in a single frame.

Export Formats

Alight Motion

The amazing thing about Alight Motion is that you can export any video or image of any format. There is no restriction or limit related to exporting formats. You can export your project in any format by just selecting it while downloading the project.

It supports almost every format such as PNG, JPEG, XML, MP4 for Videos, and others. Make your video in any of these formats and share it on your social media account without any cost.


First of all, you need the resolution of your video in Capcut. Once you have completed your video customization, select the resolution of your video for exporting purposes. You can download a video with up to 4k resolution. Once you select the resolution, you need to select the size of the video. Capcut allows you to export 60 frames with 4k resolution quality.

Font Styles

Alight Motion

Alight Motion contains thousands of fonts that you can add to your videos or images. Plus, you can export your favorite fonts from your phone’s gallery and add them to your project. All of these fonts are customizable, giving a more unique and professional look to your videos and amazing your viewers with your creativity.


CapCut also contains a wide range of font styles and typefaces. You can add or export fonts from your gallery, and there are lots of popular CapCut fonts, such as Typer, Modern, Post Modern, Nunito, Barlow, and others. Try all of these fonts to create user-friendly and engaging content.

In addition to this, you can customize your fonts in CapCut and export aesthetic fonts. You can change font color, size, and move them over the screen. Furthermore, you can also use and customize CapCut font templates if you want to make a quick video.

Vector Graphics

Alight Motion

Vector graphics is one of my favorite features of Alight Motion. By using this feature, we can create motion graphics videos easily. Adding vector graphics in Alight Motion is very easy and straightforward. These are very fun and engaging activities. You can create multiple videos at a time in Alight Motion by using vector graphics.


CapCut does not support the feature of vector graphics. But it contains plenty of features that we can use to make an animated video. In CapCut, you can explore season-based or color-based filters to enhance the visual appearance of your video. Most importantly, in CapCut, you can create 3D videos. If you don’t know how to add a 3D zoom effect in CapCut, you can learn from our guide on this.


Alight Motion and CapCut are both free to download. But there are some paid features that we can unlock by subscribing to the premium subscription. You can remove ads or other paid features by using Alight Motion Pro or CapCut Pro.

FAQs- CapCut vs Alight Motion

Both editors have a lot of features that are necessary for editing, but we can say that Alight Motion has more suitable features. However, as a beginner, you can download the Capcut apk because it’s very simple and easy to use.

Both CapCut and Alight Motion apps are free to install and use. If you download the modified versions of these apps, you will have access to their premium video editing features.

Yes, Alight Motion is one of the top trending apps that works not only on Android phones or PCs, but also on iOS, Mac, iPhones, and iPads. This allows you to make all kinds of free edits, such as adding fonts, text, vectors, transitions, filters, and many effects.

If you’re looking for an editing app, then CapCut is the best choice for you. CapCut’s interface is simple, clean, and easy to use.

However, if you want to create animated videos, you can opt for the Alight Motion app. It’s the best app for making animation videos and shorts.


CapCut vs Alight Motion: it’s very difficult to choose which one is the best as both have almost the same features. We can customize our project on both apps for free, but in my experience, Alight Motion is more suitable because it’s the first smartphone app that provides professional results on your iOS or Android devices. It offers a lot of other features such as vector graphics, transitions, filters, Alight Motion templates, different fonts, supportive graphics, and more.

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