How to Remove Capcut Ending: Step-by-Step Guide for 2023

CapCut is a video editing tool that enables users to create fantastic videos with a range of impressive features, designed especially for TikTok users. In this article, we’ll show you how to remove CapCut ending and give your videos a more professional look. With CapCut, users can change backgrounds, combine two videos into a single frame, apply a plethora of filters and transitions, and most importantly, use the green screen effect. However, in the latest update of the CapCut mod apk, a watermark now appears at the end of your projects, which may not be desirable for some users

This could be a good feature, but personally, I don’t like to show even a little watermark or logo on my image or video. Similar to me, those who want to remove CapCut’s ending watermark can relax now because there is a way to remove it. In this post, we will cover the topic of how to remove CapCut’s ending watermark from your video. So let’s follow along if you want to do that.

Get Professional-Looking Videos: Capcut Remove Watermark Apk

As we mentioned before, Capcut mod apk 2023 offers many premium features that can be used for free with the modded version. You can download the modded version from our site to unlock all the features. The plus point is that you don’t need to download a Capcut watermark remover.

A watermark is a distracting figure when playing in front of users because it decreases the user’s focus on the main topic. Besides, it leaves a bad impression on the audience. A video contains two types of watermarks: the first one is the capcut ending watermark that shows after your video ends, and the other one is the capcut template watermark that constantly appears on your video at the right corner of the screen.

How to Remove CapCut Ending and Get Rid of Watermark.

We will explain how you can remove both types of watermark for free. Come with us.

  1. Ending Watermark.
  2. Template Watermark.

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How To Remove Cacput Ending Watermark

  • Open Capcut,
  • create a new project,
  • slide your timeline to the far right until you reach the Capcut ending,
  • click on the Capcut ending,
  • then click on the delete button.
  • That’s it! Your Capcut watermark ending will be removed permanently.

How To Remove Capcut Watermark in Template

Similar to the previous method, open the app and tap on the template option before creating a new project or uploading a video from your device gallery. Capcut ending template offers amazing video templates for their users to make a professional video as a newbie.

  1. Customize your template by adding filters, effects, audios, colors, text fonts, graphics, and more.
  2. Then click on the export button and select “export without watermark” to save it on your device.
  3. The exporting process only takes a few seconds.
  4. Now you can share your video on any social media platform or simply save it on your mobile, even if you are not a TikTok user.


This is the shortest, simplest, and easiest way how to remove capcut ending. The plus point is that you don’t even need to pay a single penny to remove it on capcut. We always try to discover and share ways that are easy for our users. I am sure that now you can easily remove the capcut ending. This is nothing but editing or trimming your video in capcut. If you don’t know how to use capcut, you can learn it from here.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

It’s very simple to remove the ending part of a Capcut video. As explained above, you can follow these guidelines to remove the ending of your video and give it a professional look.

Well, removing the watermark on PC is the same as removing it on Android. Create a project > slide the timeline to the ending > select the ending > click to delete.

No you do not need any online remover to remove your capcut ending. These steps are enough.

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